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TapTag – Sample Tracking Mobile App

We’re making the sampling process faster, more accurate, and more informative with our new TapTag mobile sample tag and tracking application.

New Mobile App for Sampling – TapTag

We, here at Howard Measurement, are constantly improving our business to serve our customers faster and more accurately. As part of these efforts, we are in the process of developing a new mobile app for sampling.

Old technologies required filling out a paper sample tag to attach to a sample cylinder. There were many problems with this process and we’ve experienced every one of them. With the introduction of our new mobile sample app, TapTag, card stock sample tags are becoming a thing of the past. Now, the administration of sampling will be faster, more accurate, and more informative. Some of the features and benefits, include:

Identification of sampling location – Using the GPS from the mobile device, our new TapTag can automatically narrow station search results to include only those stations within the current area of the mobile device. Other selections allow for filtering stations by company, station name, station number, or a combination thereof. This reduces the time required to look up correct station numbers and names, while increasing the accuracy of station identification.

Pre-population of repeating information – Most station information, such as county, state, area, sample type, etc. remains constant for the station, but must be written on every sample tag. Errors or illegible handwriting may cause the lab to question the identification of the sample or process it incorrectly. Our new TapTag app automatically fills in most of the information required for processing. This saves time and reduces the chance for error.

Bottle number scanning – Using handwritten sample tags, bottle numbers were read from the bottle and written onto the tag. This method allowed for misread or miswritten bottle numbers. Our new TapTag app allows the user to scan a bottle’s barcode to make bottle identification faster and more accurate.

Bottle tracking – Old technologies allowed for samples to be misplaced. If a separate business system wasn’t set up to track sample bottles, samples might not ever make it to the lab. Our new TapTag syncs sample tag information whenever an internet connection becomes available. The lab knows how many and which samples to expect. Exception reports show which samples are outstanding. Automated logs for sampling, sample bottle receipt, and analysis processing allow us to reduce technician holding and lab turnaround times.

These are only some of the benefits of our new TapTag mobile app for sampling AND more benefits are already planned for the next version of the app. Contact us today for a demonstration and see for yourself how we can better serve your needs with our new TapTag mobile app for sampling.